Prizes & Rules

1. How it Works

2. Minimum Requirements of Participation for Nonprofits



The nonprofits featured in the 2016 GoodGiving Challenge will have the opportunity to compete for $5,000 endowment prizes made possible by Blue Grass Community Foundation and supportive donors. Endowment prizes will establish or add to a Nonprofit Endowment Fund at BGCF for the benefit of each qualifying nonprofit.

Endowment prizes will be awarded to winners at the end of the Challenge in $5,000 increments. Awards will be based on how well nonprofits perform, with a focus on dollars raised and number of donors.


  • For those who want to give today and long into future
  • Each year, a percentage of the fund is available to be granted to the nonprofit
  • Our prudent investment strategy ensures the fund will be making an impact today and in perpetuity


The Hudson -Ellis Match Challenge is for Boyle County nonprofits and begins at 9 am on November 29 for Boyle County nonprofits and lasts until the match pool has been exhausted.

The Hudson- Ellis Fund will match .50 cents of every dollar donated to Boyle County nonprofits raised in the 2016 GoodGiving Challenge up to $30,000.

To be eligible to receive match funds from the Hudson-Ellis Boyle Community Fund, nonprofits must be located in Boyle County, participate in the 2016 Challenge, and raise at least $1,000 in Challenge contributions. Match money is capped at $5,000 per organization.


The Clark County Challenge for Clark County nonprofits begins at 9 a.m. on November 29 for Clark County nonprofits and lasts until each nonprofit’s match pool has been exhausted. Clark County Community Foundation, a component fund of Blue Grass Community Foundation, will award matching grants to Clark County nonprofits in this year’s Challenge — dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 per nonprofit.

Minimum Requirements of Participation for Nonprofits:

  • Complete all required fields for online registration through Razoo
  • Fee to support participation in the GoodGiving Challenge by August 1
  • Sign off on GoodGiving Challenge Rules on online Registration page, and agree to/ understand the following:
    • A check must be mailed to BGCF by August 1, 2016 in order for the nonprofit to participate.
    • The platform fee per online transactions is 5.9% + 30 cents.
    • The platform fee for online transactions can be covered by donors, giving donors the ability to donate 100% to participants.
    • The required participation fee of $500.00 per nonprofit is to be sent to BGCF by August 1, 2016.
    • The organization has a completed, up-to-date portrait
    • The organization can begin receiving funds on 11/29/16 to count towards the GoodGiving Challenge totals.
    • Only donations made online through the GoodGiving Challenge will be counted towards campaign totals and prize incentives.
    • All funds raised online for the GoodGiving Challenge from 11/29/16 - 12/31/16 are donations made through Razoo to BGCF.
    • Funds raised online through the above dates will then be disbursed post-event to all participating organizations by BGCF.
  • Comply with and sign off on GoodGiving Challenge Rules, Policies and Procedures.
  • Diligently check email, including spam folders, for any and all emails from email addresses
  • Update portrait as necessary so it will be current throughout the Challenge
  • Attend Razoo online training webinars (REQUIRED- additional information about dates and times will be provided)
  • Optional, but highly encouraged: Secure a match donor of $500 or more. Match donors may be individuals, groups of individuals, businesses, corporations, etc.

1. The 2016 GoodGiving Challenge will be hosted by Blue Grass Community Foundation in partnership with Smiley Pete Publishing. All participants must adhere to its policies and procedures. It is the nonprofit’s responsibility to participate in Blue Grass Community Foundation and partner trainings on how to best participate in the Challenge.

2. All gifts must be made on the GoodGiving Challenge website ( between 9 a.m. on November 29 and 11:59 p.m. on December 31 to be eligible for the GoodGiving Challenge. Gifts of cash or checks will not be accepted.*

a. *PayPal can be utilized through Razoo.

3. All gifts must be made by a Donor. Participating nonprofits are prohibited from donating to themselves or to any affiliated entity. This means that a Donor DOES NOT have the option of writing a check to a participating nonprofit. Blue Grass Community Foundation or Smiley Pete Publishing cannot under any circumstance enter a Donor’s gift.

4. Donations are time stamped and are processed when a Donor clicks ‘Submit’ at check out.

5. The minimum gift that will be accepted for the GoodGiving Challenge is $10. There is no maximum gift.

6. Every gift made by donors to nonprofits through the GoodGiving Challenge website ( is irrevocable and unrestricted.

7. Prizes made possible by Blue Grass Community Foundation (BGCF) endowment pool will be contributed to a qualifying nonprofit’s Endowment Fund at BGCF. If a nonprofit does not have an existing endowment fund at BGCF and qualifies for prizes from the BGCF endowment pool, an endowment fund will be established for the organization following the conclusion of the Challenge. If the nonprofit does not wish to establish an endowment fund at BGCF, the nonprofit will forfeit all endowment prizes made possible by BGCF.

8. Donations to the Challenge are considered donations to BGCF and are granted in aggregate to the participating nonprofits at the conclusion of the Challenge. While nonprofits may choose to issue a thank you note to donors, they should not issue a charitable acknowledgement since the Donor will receive an official charitable receipt via email immediately following his/her donation.

9. Unless a Donor requests to remain anonymous, participating nonprofits will receive the following information about their donors: contact information, amount, date and time of gift and any special instructions. For gifts from anonymous donors, nonprofits will receive only information about the amount, date and time of gift.

10. All donations will be paid to the chosen nonprofit net of a 5.9% fee plus $0.30 per each contribution (100% of these costs are Razoo fees). BGCF is a 501C (3) nonprofit and does not receive monetary benefit from transaction fees. Donors will have the option to cover this fee at check out. Blue Grass Community Foundation and Smiley Pete Publishing support this giving event as a community service and do not financially profit from it.

11. Participating nonprofits shall not offer goods or services – including, but not limited to, dinner tickets, membership fees, admission tickets or other gifts – in exchange or as a reward for a donation to its nonprofit during the Challenge.

12. A nonprofit’s optional match donor(s) may make match payments via Only match payments made on will be eligible for prizes and other matching dollars. Match payments made by check, made payable to the nonprofit and delivered directly to the nonprofit will not count toward their challenge totals.

13. The Leaderboard provides a snapshot summary of charitable activity during the Challenge. It is not used to determine the outcome of challenge events and may not always reflect real-time reporting on donations made.

14. At this time, all prizes provided by BGCF will be awarded based on aggregate performance over the entirety of the Challenge. If additional challenges (daily, weekly, or pop-up) are added, related rules will be provided.

15. Blue Grass Community Foundation reserves the right to review all charitable donations and determine their eligibility as qualifying gifts for all GoodGiving Challenge prizes, matches and grants.

16. Participating nonprofits are strongly encouraged to post on Social Media as often as possible.

Failure to comply with any requirements or rules as outlined will disqualify nonprofits from prizes, match pools and awards and may disqualify nonprofits from participating in future GoodGiving Challenges.