Ambassador Toolkit

The GoodGiving Challenge's mission is to make giving fast, easy and FUN! That's why if you really love one (or two or more...) of the great nonprofits in the Challenge, you can become an Ambassador for them! Ambassador pages are where this happens. Ambassador pages can be created by anyone, even if the Ambassador has no formal relationship with an organization.

All the Ambassadors' fundraisers must be linked with a specific organization, and all funds raised go straight to that organization.

Anyone can create an Ambassador page after 11/29/2016 and when they do, that fundraiser will be displayed within the "See More Fundraisers" section of the main organization page, under the “About the Organization" box.

Here are the critical things you need to know about Ambassadors:

  • Anyone can create an Ambassador fundraiser on or after 11/29/2016, but all funds still go to the main organization.
  • How to do it:
    • Step 1: Under the "About the Organization" box, look for two blue buttons. One will say : "Start a Fundraiser". Click it!

    • Step 2: If you do not already have a user account, it will ask you to create a user account so you may access your new fundraiser page.

    • Step 3: Name your fundraiser, tell them you are not a robot, and click the "Start Fundraising" button.

    • Step 4: Yay! You're in (it may ask you again to find your cause but just follow the directions) Now, you create your page, And start raising money for your favorite cause during the Challenge. Creating your page is easy with Razoo's simple steps.

Remember to share your page on social media and on email! Why not have a contest with your friends or co-workers and see who can raise the MOST for your favorite GoodGiving Challenge organization? Maybe the winner gets a gift card you all chip in on to your favorite local eatery. brewery or shop? Make it fun but just get out there and make an impact!